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keep-your-small-kitchen-organizedMany of the older homes in our area have smaller kitchens, so counter space is often at a premium. Here are a few ideas for keeping your kitchen clutter-free.

  • A Spot for Everything. Go through every cabinet and drawer in your kitchen and throw away or donate anything that you do not use. If you have items you want to keep but only use occasionally, find another spot in your home to store them. Getting rid of unused or rarely used items in your kitchen will make it feel bigger – and less cluttered.
  • Maximize the Countertop You Already Have. Look at everything that typically is on the counter and ask yourself, “Does it really need to be there?” If not, find another place for it. Again, you’ll be amazed at how much workable countertop space you actually have.
  • Get creative with storage. Use magnetic racks on your walls, refrigerator or inside the cupboards to store items you reach for regularly. Use baskets (and label them) that can store those loose items – like spices, oils or paper products – on shelves.
  • Rethink Decorative Containers. If it is an item you use often, such as coffee or sugar, you can still store it on the countertop, but if it takes up a lot of space, consider finding a new container that is a different shape (square instead of round, or vice versa, for example) and appropriate size.
  • Create Stations. Consider creative decorative stations, such as a coffee station where all of your morning java essentials are or a charging station for your family’s portable electronics. Sometimes just designating a place for such items reduces the feeling of clutter.

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