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One of the best aspects of any kitchen renovation is all of the space we are able to help homeowners reclaim. While the footprint is nearly the same, after a remodel project the room feels massive because of all the functionality we were able to design into the space with thoughtful use of cabinetry.

Take a look at some of our favorite cabinet features. Perhaps one (or more) will be ones you’d like to see in your newly remodeled kitchen someday.

    1.       A pull-out microwave drawer makes it easy to lift out hot food.microwave drawer


    1.       An appliance garage, like this one in our Japanese Tansu Style kitchen, adds intricate design and interest, yet functionality into the kitchen.appliance garage


    1.       Swing out shelves make sure every square inch of space is utilized. This corner pull-out extends into the deepest recesses of the cabinets, which make it a smart feature to integrate into most kitchens.lazy susan_2


    1.       Recycle bins are neatly tucked into the island for convenience.garbage bins_2


    1.       This pull-out shelf makes storing spices easy, it is away from heat, which can “spoil” spices.spice rack


    1.       Full-extension pull-out shelves adds a nice touch to any kitchen because they eliminate hunting through a cluttered pantry for supplies.adjustable height drawers


    1.       Tip-out trays keep the sink area looking neat and tidy.tip out trays


    1.       A pull-down shelf unit eliminate the need for a step-stool and keeps the upper-most items within reach.pull down shelf


    1.       Lazy-Susan shelving organizes the previously cluttered corner cabinet.lazy susan


    1.   The two-sided pull-out pantry allows for easy spotting of the ingredients (and making shopping lists). Also is a storage area just for baking sheets above the oven – making it the perfect use for a normally useless space.pull out pantry


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