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When you are selecting a sink for your newly remodeled kitchen, there are a few things to consider. Whatever model you choose needs to be functional for how you cook and clean, and durable enough to handle the aftermath of your cooking adventures.

When picking out a kitchen sink, consider these two basic questions: What material, and what style? Let’s take a look at both.

The Materials.

Manufacturers offer three basic types of kitchen sinks: stainless steel, cast iron and porcelain.

Stainless Steel.


There are many benefits to choosing a stainless steel kitchen sink. It is relatively inexpensive and comes in a wide variety of installation types. It is corrosion resistant, fire and heat resistant, and its easy cleaning ability makes it a good hygiene choice. One of the downsides of stainless steel, however, is that it can be easily scratched and dented, so if you are hard on your sink, you may want to select a heavier gauge.

Cast Iron.

You will not find a material more durable and long lasting than cast iron, and the porcelain enamel finish makes this material extremely kitchen friendly. It is easy to clean and will not show water spots, like stainless steel. The biggest deterrent to cast iron is that because these sinks are so heavy, they are also more expensive to install.


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This sink is actually a clay sink with porcelain enamel, and just like cast iron, it is extremely durable and easy to clean. One of the drawbacks is that the enamel is prone to chipping if hit it too hard with a pot or pan.

Style Options.

The five main style options for kitchen sinks are: single bowl, double bowl, farmhouse, under-mount and top-mount.

Single and Double Bowl

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The single bowl and double bowl are exactly what you envision: A single bowl will give you more space to maneuver, which can be beneficial if you clean a lot of large items. A double bowl is a nice option if you like your sink bowls to function independently (for multi-tasking). If you are considering a double bowl, be sure you match the size and depth of the basins to your specific needs.

Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse sinks have a large front face that appears to “jet out” from the countertop. For years, they have been found in country-style homes, but they are growing in popularity and are making their way into modern-style kitchens. Since the sink front actually replaces a piece of the countertop, if you select this style, your counter must be designed to accommodate this unique installation.

Under-Mount and Top-Mount

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An under-mounted sink is mounted from underneath the countertop, while the top-mount is placed from above. Top-mounted sinks are an easier style to install, which also makes them more budget friendly, whereas under-mounted sinks create a clean and modern look.

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