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organic-kitchen-productsThe word “organic” is getting a lot of attention these days, particularly when it comes to cleaning your home. More and more people are concerned about how the chemicals in traditional cleaners can be harmful when ingested or breathed in and are seeking alternative methods to sanitize.

This is particularly a concern when it comes to kitchen countertops because they handle a lot of duties. They house small appliances (toaster, blender), they are used for food preparation, air-drying dishes and for setting bags of groceries down. They also are a convenient spot to set silverware on before serving a meal, and are often used as the primary “drop-off” spot for mail, backpacks and papers from school.

When you wipe with a traditional solution, whatever chemicals are in that product are now on your countertops. It mixes with your food, your silverware and usually gets on your kids’ hands (and maybe in their mouths).

For all of these reasons, many homeowners are choosing to find organic solutions.

Organic cleaning products can easily be found in a variety of sizes and types (e.g., sprays or wipes). They are made from natural ingredients and many give your kitchen a pleasant scent, such as basil, orange or lavender.

Only you can decide if organic cleaning is right for you, but no matter what type of cleaning product you choose, make sure you read the label. If nothing else, the organic cleaning movement has brought more awareness to how we use the variety of cleaning products on the market today.

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