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Many of Portland’s older home have choppy floor plans. This just was the way homes were built 30-plus years ago. Homeowners are often concerned that they can’t achieve the “open concept” they desperately want when they remodel their existing homes because of walls between rooms.

While tearing down a wall isn’t a simple task, it is not an impossible one, either. You just want to make sure you have a professional contractor overseeing the project – as it isn’t something you want to leave to a novice.


When the wall isn’t load-bearing, it is fairly easy to remove; however, when the wall is load-bearing, there are more steps to removing it, which is often the case with the homes remodeled in Portland.

If it is a two-story home, the contractor must build a temporary wall to support the second floor and add a beam where the wall is taken out.

This 1980s home had a segmented floor plan, and the counter that separated the kitchen caused the kitchen to feel tighter than its ample square footage. There was also a bar sink in the family room – a dated remnant from the ’80s.

The first task was to design an open floor plan throughout the kitchen, family room and dining area. We began by removing the non-load-bearing wall between the kitchen and family room. This small change significantly opened the first floor, yet still maintained a clean separation between the kitchen and family room.

The entire kitchen was renovated. The homeowners chose natural maple cabinetry with slab doors and quartz countertops, installed by Crowley’s Granite. This gave the kitchen a clean, modern and airy feel. A new island was built parallel to the back wall of the home. This addition provided additional workspace for food preparation and an eat-in area, which is a desirable feature in today’s kitchens. All new stainless steel appliances were also incorporated to complete the room.

The dated bar sink was removed from the family room, and a small desk was built in its place along with an attractive shelving unit where artwork could be displayed.


This project is an example of how most homes can be transformed from a choppy, ill-functioning floor plan to a flowing, family-friendly open concept – one that modernizes the home and works better for how you live in your home today.

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