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painted-cabinets-trendClean. Modern. Simple. These are the adjectives that describe what we are seeing in kitchens in 2014.

The kitchen renovations we are seeing today include components such as quartz countertops, subway tiles and simple cabinetry. These elements make the kitchen feel ultra-modern, and because they are less ornate, they also have a “clean” look – with straight lines and 45- or 90-degree angles.

The cabinetry of the past was decorative, but today in Portland, we see our clients choosing simple cabinetry. Many are also moving away from dark wood and instead choosing painted cabinetry – or going to white all together.

subway-tile-kitchen-trendQuartz is the new stone of choice for many of our newly remodeled kitchens. It comes in a variety of colors or marbling options – from blizzard white to rich mocha. And because it is natural stone, homeowners can choose whether the marbling within the countertops is subtle or extreme.

Simple backsplashes are also being installed, and tile is sometimes used as a focal point – acting more like artwork for the kitchen. However, white subway tile, which gives the kitchen a clean, sanitary look, continues to be one of the most popular choices this year.

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