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Countertop space is one of the key ingredients to a functional kitchen, and for this reason, islands have long been a smart design solution for gaining additional food prep and storage space in the kitchen. Today, the role the kitchen island plays has expanded significantly because the kitchen has transformed from being just a place to cook a meal into the hub of the home – providing a variety of functions for the family throughout the day. As such, islands are now are being more carefully designed with thought and purpose in mind.

When you are planning your kitchen remodel, think beyond the tiles, cabinetry and flooring options, and consider how you use your kitchen. This will help you gain a better understanding of the integral role your island will play.


Consideration #1: The shape, size and style

The shape and size of your island with depend greatly on the square footage available and the workflow of your kitchen. The last thing you want is a beautiful island placed in the middle of your kitchen that bottlenecks the workflow. You’ll want an island that is large enough to perform tasks, but small enough that it doesn’t cut up the room and create wasted space.

Consideration #2: Utility

Think about all of the activities that you will be using your island for – in addition to food prep and storage. Is it going to be the place where your kids do their homework? Will it serve as additional seating during family gatherings on Sunday? Also, think about what you want in your kitchen, such as a food prep sink, microwave drawer or wine refrigerator; perhaps those items can be designed into the island as well.

Consideration #3: Storage

Truth is, kitchen islands often have a lot of wasted space, but they don’t have to. Think of every area of the island – inside and out – that could be better utilized. Can Fido’s feeding station be integrated on one of the ends? Does it make sense to store those odd-shaped kitchen appliances, such as the bread machine and the food processor, inside your island … or is there a better place within your kitchen? Also, when it comes to kitchen storage in general, you’ll quickly discover that you can think about kitchen drawers differently, as there are many storage options available specific to pots and pans, dishes and kitchen utensils.

kitchen.01Consideration #4: Seating

Most people want some seating around the island, but your seating does not always have to be limited to barstools. There are plenty of ways you can incorporate seating into your island area that works for your family’s needs.

Consideration #5: Lighting

Thinking back to Consideration #2, what type of lighting will work best over your island? For example, while pendant lights are a hot trend right now, if hung too low, they may obstruct function or conversation. Make sure you select the right lighting for your needs.

Keep in mind that a professional kitchen designer, like the ones we work with, can help you make sure you think about every detail and offer options you may not know about.

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