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One of the best parts of the kitchen remodeling process is choosing new appliances. Many of our customers have been living with dated, less-than-ideal appliances for years (or decades), so they often comment at how fun it is to think of their new kitchen with functioning, energy efficient appliances.

You will need to select your appliances before ordering your cabinets. Cabinets generally take 4 weeks to be built and delivered, so you can use this timeframe as a guide for planning your kitchen remodel.

Kitchen appliances vary greatly, so here are a few things you should consider when you are shopping for appliances.

Noise and energy efficiency are two categories that every homeowner should consider, especially if you have not replaced appliances in a few years. Technology has advanced significantly, and today’s appliances are quieter and extremely energy efficient. For top performance and energy savings, look for appliances that have earned the ENERGY STAR® label.

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It is important to note that kitchen appliances and fixtures aren’t built equally. The big-box home improvement stores will almost always have the best pricing on appliances and plumbing fixtures, but we encourage you to look past the sticker on these items. While they may look identical to the appliances and fixtures you’ll find at local showrooms, they aren’t. The ones available at the big-box stores are actually manufactured at a lower standard, and we’ve experienced some quality trouble with them.

You should also compare the features on the appliances. Often, the manufacturers will build additional features into those that can only be purchased through your local appliance center. Your local appliance center will provide a warranty, delivery and proper installation your new appliances, too. They have the proper equipment to move heavy appliances without damaging the appliance – or your home. For example, if they damage a new refrigerator while delivering it, they have the responsibility of fixing or replacing it.

Refrigerators come in various shapes and sizes. You’ll want to base your selection on the height and depth of space that you have available in your new kitchen design. You will also want to consider the clearance you have for door swing and pull-out freezer drawers and how convenient it will be when you are cooking. If your floors are not level, which is common in older homes, finding a model with leveling feet or rollers on all four corners is a must.

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The technology for dishwashers has advanced tremendously in the last few years. They are more powerful (no need to rinse dishes), quieter and are extremely energy efficient. When picking out a dishwasher, get one that works with full overlay cabinets.

Today’s slide-in ranges look more built in than free standing, but you need to be aware that some slide-in’s have small gaps on either side – meaning they will not overlay flush with the countertops.

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Range hoods are built to be fairly quiet yet still move air effectively. However, in some areas of Metro Portland, building codes are calling for an expensive ventilation system for hoods that move air over 400 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). Your contractor will know whether or not this applies to your area.

Finally, before you purchase any of the appliances for your new kitchen, we recommend you make a list of all appliances and fixtures that you are considering and review it with your remodeler and/or kitchen designer. They will quickly be able to spot any potential areas where your kitchen design may need to be modified to accommodate what you’ve selected – or offer alternatives. Remember, they build and design kitchens for a living, so this is an important step in the process of ensuring you enjoy your kitchen.

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