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Home Declutter 101: NEW Tips & Tricks

Home Declutter 101: NEW Tips & Tricks

The month of January is often dedicated to organization, but before you take any action, consider these tips to help you declutter your home.

Sort First, Then Buy. Before you go out and purchase a carload of new, plastic totes from the Container Store, sort through all of your items first. Only by doing this step at the beginning will you 1) see what you need to hold your items and 2) determine where is best to store them (in a closet, under a bed, on a new shelf in the garage).

Organize in Small Chunks. Let’s be honest. Most people really don’t enjoy the task of sorting, so instead of setting aside a whole day (and becoming drained in the process), dedicate an hour or two per space – and tackle it head on. You’ll most likely be more efficient and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Finish the Process – Entirely. Once you’ve taken the time to sort items into categories (i.e., garbage, recycle, give to friend, donate to charity), complete the process entirely by taking them to the rightful place. Don’t let them sit (and collect) in your dining room. Finish the process – in its entirety – that day.

Realize There Is Always More. Unfortunately, organization is an ongoing process. You may go through the same closet a few months from now and realize you have more to donate, recycle and trash. As we become more organized and less cluttered, we often have a tendency to want to continue, and that’s okay.

Realize When It Is Good Enough. Conversely, a perfect-looking drawer or closet is not a realistic goal for most of us. Why? Because we live in our homes! As you move through the process of organizing your home, try to also be accepting that clutter happens and know when it is good enough.

Have you already started the task of organization for the year? What have you done? Tell us.

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