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The July 4th weekend is just around the corner. Many families and friends will be gathering to enjoy grilled burgers, hot dogs and corn on the cob.

Keep these grilling safety tips in mind when you are entertaining this summer:

  • If you are using a propane grill, makes sure the tank is properly connected. You don’t want a gas leak to ignite. If charcoal is your grilling method of choice, store the lighter fluid and matches away from the grill once it is lit.
  • Make sure your grill is on stable ground so it doesn’t tip over, and tuck in any loose clothing.
  • Grills get hot, so make sure you have it placed far enough away from the home or deck railing so it doesn’t cause it to melt or catch fire.
  • Remind children that they need to stay away from the grill while cooking – and afterwards while it is still warm. Additionally, pay special attention to pets so they don’t get burned, either.

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