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Note from Fran: This issue, we are featuring one of our vendors, Crowley’s Granite Concepts, Inc.

What homeowners may find interesting is that there are a few different ways to measure for granite countertops.


The Proliner allows Nathan to get precisely accurate measurements for granite countertops.

There are a few problems with this method, however. The first is that granite shops use a lot of water and, therefore, there is a lot of moisture in the air. Over the course of fabricating your countertop, the templates can fall apart or swell because they absorb some of the moisture. This small change in template size can alter the fit of your countertop and sometimes even make it difficult to install.

The other problem with this method is that there are many angles that simply can’t be accounted for when measuring. Walls aren’t straight; they bow, and those little curves result in a not-so-snug fit.

Crowley’s Granite Concepts, Inc. has a different approach. They create a digital template by using an electronic measuring device called a Proliner, by Prodim.

“Once I have the measurements, I come back to the office and create the templates using CAD software,” explains Nathan Crowley of Crowley’s Granite Concepts. “The templates are printed on clear vinyl, and vinyl isn’t affected by moisture so it doesn’t change size. The result is a far superior physical template.”

What we’ve heard time and again from Spectrum Homes’ clients is that they really appreciate the hands-on approach to selecting how their granite will look in their newly remodeled kitchen. Once Nathan has the vinyl template, he invites our clients to the shop where they can see how the granite will look flat, and with his expert guidance, they choose how their granite will be cut. “Steve and Fran’s clients can walk around their slab of granite to observe any interesting points within the stone,” notes Nathan.


Nathan uses the Prodim Proliner to measure for countertops for this newly remodeled kitchen.

Nathan concludes, “We enjoy giving homeowners a highly-personalized approach, and homeowners appreciate having a hand in creating the look their countertops will take.”

Crowley’s Granite Concepts, Inc. serves Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington. To learn more, visit their website


  1. Spectrum Homes and Crowley’s Granite Concepts are serious about their work. Professional Stone Fabricators use the Prodim Proliner to get the job done right – the first time. In the Stone Industry there is no room for error and using a Proliner is the solution. Nathan is using a Proliner 8 CS, which is perfect for fast and accurate 2D and 3D digital measuring of shapes and objects. The Proliner (CS) Construct Series can measure kitchen countertops, sink cutouts, full-height backsplashes, alcoves and even stair cases.

    One other important thing that customers can benefit from is the Proliner comes with built-in touchscreen CAD software and material libraries. Why is this important? Stone fabricators have the option to show customers at the jobsite different material libraries and color choices as well as review or edit the CAD measurements and design with the customer on location. Customers can even sign off on the job using the Proliner touchscreen.

    Job well done Nathan.

    Jonathan Davis
    Marketing Manager

    Prodim International | 888-229-3328

  2. We are serious about providing our customers with the best products and services available. We appreciate your commitment to producing equipment that allows us to give our customers a quality finished product. Your technology is so accurate it is difficult to find any seams.

    Thank you,

    Fran and Steve Amick
    Spectrum Homes Inc.

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