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Instead of spending money on short-term lavish vacations, more and more homeowners are investing money back into their homes in order to create the sanctuary they want in their everyday lives. This trend not only has the potential to increase the value of their homes, but it also allows them to spend more enjoyable time with their family long term.

One popular renovation project is the bathroom. People want a place to relax and unwind after a long day, and they are willing to invest a bit more on luxurious fixtures and finishes to do so. Once the renovation is complete, they are able to find the comfort they once sought from a spa.

Advanced Technology.

Bathrooms are able to become “that spot” to relax in the home thanks to the many sophisticated bathroom products on the market today. One example is the DTV+ shower by Kohler®. With a touch of a screen, the shower creates a multi-sensory experience using water, music, steam and light to create a whole new level of luxury. This is just one of the new products on the market designed to create a spa-like experience at home.



People also remodel to gain functionality, and modernized bathroom storage options are bountiful. In addition to beautiful cabinetry built specifically for products and hair accessories, outlets can be wired inside the cabinets to allow your electric toothbrush, razor and other small bathroom appliances to stay plugged in (and charging) without cluttering the countertop.

open space-frameless shower

An Open Space.

A spacious bathroom is often achieved with frameless shower stalls. Clear glass without the metal frame gives the room a clean, open feeling. Additionally, a special glass coating upgrade keeps your shower sparkling with a minimum amount of cleaning.

natural stone and tile

Natural Stone and Tile.

No matter if your bathroom is large or small, using the right combination of materials will create the “wow factor” that many people want in their newly-remodeled bathroom. Natural stone, such as granite or marble, is often used for the countertops, and smaller glass tiles are used as accents. While a bit more expensive, they give the room character and add to the spa-like feel. If the bathroom is smaller, tile flooring can be laid at an angle to create an appearance of more space.

thoughtful touches

Thoughtful Touches.

Some of the smallest features make the biggest difference in creating a spa-like bathroom. Adding shower niches and a teak bench into the shower will help with functionality and comfort, and skylights and/or window boxes will allow natural light to stream into the room, which creates a more luxurious space.

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