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paint colors 2015Earlier this month, several paint manufacturers released their paint color trends for 2015. These color palettes often inspire homeowners to take on a repainting project. While there are dozens of considerations when deciding on colors for a particular room, keep in mind that a room can feel larger – or smaller – depending on the color selected.

Here are three of our favorite tips for choosing a paint color that you’ll be happy with once it is on your walls:

  • If you have a small space and want it to feel more open or larger, choose light colors. Dark colors will make a room feel more closed in.
  • Paint color will look different depending on the light. Natural light shows the truest colors; incandescent light will bring out more yellow hues, and fluorescent light brings out blue. Use the light box (with the different lights) at the paint store to help you determine how the paint will look in the room you have in mind.
  • Test your color choices. While it costs a little bit of money up front, you’ll be able to see how your paint selection looks at all times of day.



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