Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels: Where to Skimp and Where to Splurge

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Most people dream of having an updated kitchen or bathroom in their home. Not only does a kitchen or bathroom remodel make your house look and feel more modern, but those updates can add value to your home when the time comes for you to sell – if you do your remodel right. Completely remodeling your kitchen or bathroom isn’t cheap. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2017 Cost vs. Value Report, a midrange minor kitchen remodel costs $21,640, while a midrange major kitchen remodel costs $64,404 and a midrange major bathroom remodel costs $19,766. Although at first glance your remodel may...

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Choosing the Right Kitchen Lighting

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While probably not top priority when designing your kitchen, the type of lighting you choose is an important decision – one that will affect how much you enjoy your new kitchen space. Unfortunately, it is sometimes easy to overlook lighting until most of the budget has been eaten up by other expenses. The problem with doing this, though, is that you end up leaving one of the most important kitchen components to chance. Proper lighting is vital to the safety and functionality of any kitchen, as well as the joy of spending time there. Four Types of Kitchen Lighting to Consider You’ll want...

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Surface Selections: Countertops

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Surface Selections: Countertops Countertop surfaces are a core element of today’s homes and are being designed into many more rooms than only the kitchen and bath.  They are now used in most every room of our home: wet bars, laundry rooms, crafting spaces, garden potting benches, electronic charging stations and more. With so many surface options available today, countertops can be a tricky item to select, particularly for the rooms where they become a major design element, such as in the kitchen or master suite.  Additionally, you may be tasked with selecting a few different types of...

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Universal Design in the Kitchen

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Some consumers are confused about what Universal Design is. While it is not strictly for the handicapped, Universal Design can be of great benefit for someone who has mobility and accessibility issues. What is Universal Design? Universal Design is design that is suited for all family members. No matter what the age or ability, it ensures that all family members can effectively use the space. When we begin designing a space with Universal Design in mind, we think about how effortlessly and easily a task can be done. The goal is to minimize lifting, reaching and stooping – basically avoid...

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3 Mistakes Made When Choosing a Contractor

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Many people have experienced or heard of the horror stories associated with the home improvement industry. We see reports on the news and know personally those who have experienced nightmare home remodels – which are often characterized by poor communication, shoddy workmanship, filthy work conditions, missed project completion dates and a long list of broken promises. It doesn’t have to be this way. There are many honest, hard-working and reliable contractors out there who will handle your job professionally – finding qualified and courteous subcontractors, creating timelines and...

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A Southwest Portland Kitchen Remodel

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This 1954 home in southwest Portland had an existing kitchen that was poorly laid out. The appliances were lined up one after the other, and the soffit make the room feel cut off from the rest of the house. For this renovation, the first task was to make the kitchen feel more open, and we did so by removing soffits, window and door to the deck as well as removing an interior door to extend the kitchen. To take advantage of the amazing view, the exterior wall was reframed and three windows were added – making it nearly a wall-of-windows. This also allowed a ton of natural light into this...

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