A Southwest Portland Kitchen Remodel

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This 1954 home in southwest Portland had an existing kitchen that was poorly laid out. The appliances were lined up one after the other, and the soffit make the room feel cut off from the rest of the house. For this renovation, the first task was to make the kitchen feel more open, and we did so by removing soffits, window and door to the deck as well as removing an interior door to extend the kitchen. To take advantage of the amazing view, the exterior wall was reframed and three windows were added – making it nearly a wall-of-windows. This also allowed a ton of natural light into this...

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An Old World Kitchen Remodel

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Like many homeowners today, these Wilsonville clients wanted to open up their living space and remodel their kitchen. The 1988 floorplan felt too cramped, cluttered and drab. The new design called for removing the wall that separated the kitchen from the dining room. This would open up the floorplan and allow for more seating around the dining room – two of the homeowners’ main goals. However, this presented a structural challenge because it was a load-bearing wall that also contained plumbing, electrical and HVAC ducts. To support the second story, a beam was recessed into the ceiling,...

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Lake Oswego Master Bathroom Transformation

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The original master bathroom had an odd layout. There were two closets in the middle of the room that separated the vanity and tub from the toilet and shower. After tearing everything out of the room, the first thing we did was extend the vaulted ceiling over an additional 4 feet. Mother Nature gave us bit of a challenge early into the project. As we were reframing the ceiling, we experienced a snowstorm, so we had seal the ceiling with plastic to prevent the pipes from freezing. However, once the storm passed, and we were able to finish enclosing the ceiling once more, the added vault made...

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A Galley Kitchen Transformation

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These Happy Valley homeowners loved their location, but their kitchen, originally built in 1978, needed an update. They wanted more cabinet storage in their kitchen, and wanted their dining room and breakfast nook area to feel less cramped. Expanding without Adding Square Footage A small space can feel even tighter with clutter, so when space is limited, smart design calls for planning specific spots for storage. We knew we’d be able to make the square footage feel bigger than it actually was by changing the layout, choosing brighter colors and with strategic cabinetry design. We started by...

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A Japanese Tansu-Style Kitchen

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This Southeast Portland kitchen was in need of a makeover. The layout was cramped, storage was minimal and countertop space for food preparation was hard to find. The inspiration for this kitchen renovation came from a Japanese antique cabinet – in Tansu styling – that the homeowners, Bradley and Melissa, owned. Tansu originated in ancient Japan and is prized for its natural rustic beauty. It was important that the kitchen not only matched the look they wanted, but that it also gave them the workspace they desperately desired. Together with kitchen designer Crystal, of Pacific Northwest...

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A Contemporary Tualatin Kitchen Remodel

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This Tualatin home was built in 1976, and the dated kitchen was in desperate need of a remodel that would add functionality and style. The renovation process began when the homeowners purchased an Angie’s List Bid Deal cabinetry design with Pacific Northwest Cabinetry, and Spectrum Homes was PNWC’s recommended remodeling firm. Our homeowners did their due diligence and didn’t rush into working with a contractor. They took their time and interviewed us and three other contractors before choosing to work with us. They said, “We were most impressed with Spectrum Homes. While their bids...

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