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pacific-northwest-cabinetryNote from Fran: In this blog article, we are featuring Crystal Kennedy, CKD from Pacific Northwest Cabinetry. She is the designer on many of our kitchen remodeling projects.

Kitchen remodeling projects can be both exciting and overwhelming. Homeowners are excited to finally get a new kitchen, yet because there are so many decisions that need to be made, it can often feel overwhelming.

This is why we trust Crystal Kennedy, a Certified Kitchen Designer from Pacific Northwest Cabinetry, to assist our customers in designing the kitchen that is right for them. She makes our clients feel comfortable about the process and also takes the stress away and brings the fun back into the project.

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Defining the Why

When a client decides that they are ready to undertake remodeling their kitchen, some are ready with ideas that they’ve gathered from magazines, Pinterest or Houzz, while others are still collecting ideas.

However, a kitchen remodel is much more than aesthetics. “I talk to Spectrum Homes’ clients about digging deeper to find the reason why you want to remodel your kitchen – because it is always more than being ‘outdated,’” says Crystal. She goes on to say that there are always other aspects of a kitchen that can change in order to get more enjoyment out of a kitchen space.

Crystal explains, “While it is important for clients to show us what they want included in their kitchen, it is equally as important that we understand what they don’t like – what doesn’t function properly for them or what they don’t like from a neighbor’s kitchen.”

This begins by thinking about how you use your kitchen, and the flaws are usually revealed by something not being convenient. For example, the coffeemaker placement is across the room from the sink or the pantry is hard to get to from where food preparation happens.

Getting the Kitchen Design Just Right

From there, Crystal will draw a few different plans that are within the client’s parameters and present them as a 3-D image. The rendering shows new flooring, cabinetry, countertops and backsplash tile to help them visualize what their new kitchen could look like.

“Our clients have been living within the constraints of their kitchen for years,” notes Crystal. “Often they are amazed at what is possible.”

Once the clients have a chance to see the renderings, Crystal and the clients work together to refine the drawings by narrowing down what they like. Very often pieces from each of the designs will be merged together into one new drawing.

Once the design is fine-tuned, Crystal will send the drawings home with the clients so they can start to see the functionality of the design. For instance, before it is even remodeled, clients can identify which drawer they’ll use for silverware. They can also see what’s missing from the drawing, such as a knife block or a space for their KitchenAid mixer.

“During this stage, we ask our clients to pay extra attention to how they use their kitchen and take notes. It is extremely important to us that we continue to fine-tune the design so it is the right one for our clients.”

tansu kitchen remodel portland oregonPulling the Kitchen Together

Once the design is finalized, the final step is to make all the selections for the kitchen. This involves flooring, cabinetry, countertops, tiles and all the other fixtures and finishes that go into a kitchen. Crystal notes that this can be very daunting for folks because of all the choices. Many people have difficultly picturing how it is all going to come together, and because it is an expensive endeavor, they can be afraid of making a wrong choice.

Crystal concludes, “This is where working with a Certified Kitchen Designer really pays off. We are happy to accompany them to the various showrooms and help them make the selections so they have the confidence to know that it is all going to come together in the end.”

Visit our portfolio to see more of our remodeled kitchens.


Crystal Kennedy is a Certified Kitchen Designer. She has studied kitchen design at length so when she designs a kitchen, she is designing one that works aesthetically and functionally.


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