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More homeowners are deciding to remodel their bathrooms, and the reasons they give may be a bit different than you’d think. It wasn’t that long ago that we were remodeling bathrooms because families wanted to gain more functionality out of the space – perhaps to accommodate a growing family or to update the dated look.

While those are still valid reasons, today’s homeowners have a new motivation to prioritize this remodeling project – to relax. See, the bathroom has become the room to retreat to at the end of a long work day, and PDX homeowners want one that is comfortable and pleasing – one that feels like a spa.

Certainly there isn’t a shortage of fabulous bathroom products on the market – not all of which cost a fortune. Here are some of the interesting bathroom trends we are seeing:

Technology – While homeowners may want to unplug from their workday, they don’t want to go without harmonious technology while spending time unwinding in the bathroom.

Flat-screen TVs have long been incorporated into the bathroom, but now they are accompanied by other fun gadgets. Blue-tooth showerheads can sync with your mobile device to stream tunes, audiobooks or podcasts while you shower, and soaking tubs are coming equipped with built-in stereo systems that can connect to your MP3 player.

Showers – Enclosed shower stalls are out, and an open-concept shower is in. Frameless showers use a heavier glass that keeps the room open and airy – which gives the bathroom a spa-like feel. Today’s showers are much more complex, too. They are being built with multiple nozzles to massage you from all sides or rain showerheads to peacefully wash away the day. There are also showers with steam or chromatherapy controls, which use colored lights to enhance your mood.

bathroom trends.01Soaking Tubs – Homeowners are replacing their noisy Jacuzzi tubs for the quiet luxury found in a soaking tub. These pieces often act like furniture in the room to draw the eye, and add shape and interest. Pictured is the the Elise 1 #115 by MTI Baths (Photo from MTI Bath Houzz)

Conservation – Nearly every manufacturer now has several WaterSense toilet options on the market, which have improved greatly since the low-flow toilets were introduced a few decades ago. Water-efficient showerheads such as the H2Okinetic Technology® from Delta uses only 1.6 gpm (standard is 2.5 gpm). This unique technology delivers the feeling of the pressure of a standard showerhead at a lower flow.

bathroom trends.02Storage – Bathroom cabinets are becoming much more functional. Many are being built vertically and with ample dividers. Medicine cabinets are also finding a place back in the bathroom and come with electrical outlets inside the cabinet – perfect for storing the electric toothbrush or razor so it doesn’t clutter the vanity.

Natural Products – To create a spa-like retreat, many remodeled bathrooms incorporate natural products such as heavy wood beams or stone walls into their design. Bamboo, stone or pebble floors are preferred over polished tile.

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