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This 1954 home in southwest Portland had an existing kitchen that was poorly laid out. The appliances were lined up one after the other, and the soffit make the room feel cut off from the rest of the house.

Before Schmitt Kitchen resized

For this renovation, the first task was to make the kitchen feel more open, and we did so by removing soffits, window and door to the deck as well as removing an interior door to extend the kitchen. To take advantage of the amazing view, the exterior wall was reframed and three windows were added – making it nearly a wall-of-windows. This also allowed a ton of natural light into this side of the home, something the original kitchen was definitely lacking.


To increase storage space, in addition to installing the wall pantry unit, a hall closet was also turned into a pantry. The cabinets are light hickory in Hanover style and are topped with a sparkling Pental Floratta White honed (matte finish) granite countertop.


Additionally, we added a corner cabinet to make use of even the smallest space and provide a display area for some of the homeowner’s special treasures. The feet on the bottom cabinetry were added as a “nod” to the time period of the house. The transparent glass tiles used in this corner are the same as the tiles used above the range, thus pulling the room together.

Schmitt After Collage.01

The tiles selected for the backsplash are 12×24”, giving the wall a clean finish.


For the flooring, s’Tile in Fusion Silver in a 12×24” were selected. These are a porcelain replication of travertine which is much more durable and affordable than the limestone option. We used a urethane grout called Quartzlock2 because it is a little more flexible and resilient than traditional grout.


Our biggest test with this project was the 1-1/4” drop from one end of the kitchen to the other, which often is the case in older homes. Throughout installation, we had to ensure that everything was level, but it was particularly challenging with the granite countertop, since it goes over the top of the windowsills. We are happy to report that our effort passed the homeowners’ expectations, with flying colors.

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