[Project Spotlight: Miller’s Kitchen]

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The owners of this 1950s home in the Healy Heights neighborhood in the West Hills of Portland’s Southwest section wanted a kitchen update. The husband is a Realtor®, and they came to learn of Spectrum Homes because he sold a house where we’d previously completed a kitchen renovation project. He liked the quality of work and reached out to inquire about his own home.

The existing kitchen was dated, inefficient and did not match the needs of how the homeowners wished to cook and entertain. Having said that, they still wanted to preserve the mid-century character of their home.

Because the footprint of the kitchen was remaining close to the original, for this kitchen renovation we simply need to focus on the fit and function of the space. We solicited the help of our friends at Pacific Northwest Cabinetry to design the space.

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into the kitchen are the custom-made cabinets, fashioned out of Sapele, a wood from Africa. This golden to dark reddish-brown wood tends to darken with age, and we were able to match the wavy grain. It’s fine, uniform texture provides a natural luster.

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The tile backsplash is a 3” x 6” glass block called “Silver Cloud.” We installed it to the height of the upper cabinets, to contrast nicely with the cabinetry and countertop.

The countertops are Cascade White Polished Quartz – a fun and fitting selection for the area. We created a two-seat breakfast nook which the owner complemented with adjustable height contemporary bar stools. There you can also see open shelving – which was designed to keep the room open and allow in more natural light from the beautiful wall of windows.

The hardwood floors are a mixture of new and existing, which were refinished.

Two vertical-lift (sometimes called flip-up) cabinets were placed on either side of the gas stove, where a touch button is all it takes to open and close them.

Spectrum Miller Mid Century Image 3

Handy pullouts allow ample space for the owner’s spice collection and and are tucked into the corner cabinets for additional storage.

Spectrum Miller Mid Century Image 4

The other aspect of this project was to create a matching halfway entryway cabinet – pictured here from two angles: the entry and the lower-level stairwell.

Spectrum Miller Mid Century Image 5

Our biggest challenge with this project was the kitchen floor slope, which came naturally after years of the house settling. We modified the cabinets one-by-one to address the slope to ensure that everything was level.

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