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tansu kitchen remodel portland oregonThis Southeast Portland kitchen was in need of a makeover. The layout was cramped, storage was minimal and countertop space for food preparation was hard to find.

The inspiration for this kitchen renovation came from a Japanese antique cabinet – in Tansu styling – that the homeowners, Bradley and Melissa, owned. Tansu originated in ancient Japan and is prized for its natural rustic beauty.

It was important that the kitchen not only matched the look they wanted, but that it also gave them the workspace they desperately desired. Together with kitchen designer Crystal, of Pacific Northwest Cabinetry, they created their custom Tansu-styled kitchen.

tansu kitchen remodel portland oregon

Melissa sketched a bamboo drawing, which Bradley digitized to create this one-of-a-kind handle.

The Spectrum Homes team went to work gutting the existing kitchen. The new floor plan called for moving the refrigerator and range, and this shift opened up the room, allowing for maximum work flow.

Bradley and Melissa did not want their newly renovated kitchen to lack storage. Crystal worked closely with them to turn every available square inch into storage. Even the tiniest space beneath the Miele range was converted to a drawer to tuck away skewers and a griddle plate.

The cabinet doors were made of solid wood in a sable-cherry color to match the richness of Tansu styling, and a sleek blue-pearl granite topped the custom-built cabinetry. The light-colored maple flooring was chosen as a nice contrast, to show off the details of the space.

tansu kitchen remodel tile portland oregonFocal points were elegantly incorporated into the room. The white 17 x 26” tiles are inlayed around a beautiful elongated blue mosaic tile, which is meant to replicate a waterfall. Shelves and nooks are tucked into spaces around the kitchen and an appliance garage, with intricate detailing, adds more storage.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this kitchen remodel project was the hardware for the cabinetry. Each cabinet door handle was hand-forged from iron and mounted using a traditional Japanese method. Special care was taken to design and develop the refrigerator door handles. Melissa sketched a bamboo drawing, which Bradley digitized to create this one-of-a-kind handle. [insert photo]

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