These Happy Valley homeowners loved their location, but their kitchen, originally built in 1978, needed an update. They wanted more cabinet storage in their kitchen, and wanted their dining room and breakfast nook area to feel less cramped.

Expanding without Adding Square Footage

A small space can feel even tighter with clutter, so when space is limited, smart design calls for planning specific spots for storage. We knew we’d be able to make the square footage feel bigger than it actually was by changing the layout, choosing brighter colors and with strategic cabinetry design.

2A2B4410We started by moving the opening to the kitchen from the dining room and wrapped the kitchen countertop around into the dining room. A glass-faced wall cabinet was added for bar-essential storage – keeping items within reach, yet also tucked away.

2A2B4392Next, we addressed the limited space in the nook area. We had a custom-built table made to fit the space, which has a butcher-block countertop and additional storage. A desk area with even more storage keeps the “office” area of the home neat and tidy. We also integrated a pantry cupboard next to the desk area for additional food storage.

2A2B4434Within the kitchen, maple cabinets – painted white – dominate the space and brighten up a part of the house that has no windows. A quartz countertop in Mesa (color) was selected, as was a simplistic (and fairly inexpensive) white subway tile for the backsplash. The homeowners selected a 12” x 24” gray tile for the floor. This size tile has been a popular choice for many of the homes we’ve remodeled, as the longer tiles make rooms feel larger and help with flow. New stainless steel appliances finished out the space.

2A2B4354Overall, the materials selected create a very clean-looking and bright kitchen. Even on the gloomiest days, these homeowners are happy with their galley kitchen transformation.

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