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House made of tools over white background

House made of tools over white background

We are hard on our appliances – often not giving them a second thought. But just like other mechanical systems in and around your home, your dishwasher, too, needs attention in order to run at top performance.

If your dishes have a residue or aren’t quite as clean as they once were, here are some tips to help your dishwasher run at its best:

    1. Scrape is different than rinse. Most dishwashers don’t require you to rinse down the dishes anymore, but you’ll still want to scrape off the excess food to reduce the chances of food particles being stuck on dishes once the wash cycle is done.


    1. Run hot water first. Turn on your sink faucet and make sure that water is hot to the touch before turning on the dishwasher. This ensures that water is hot for the first dishwasher fill cycle.


    1. Use recommended detergent. To get the best wash, use the detergents and rinse aids that are recommended by the manufacturer.


    1. Clean the dishwasher trap and seals. The dishwasher trap is located under the lower sprayer and should be cleaned out periodically, and at the same time, wipe down the rubber gasket around the dishwasher with a damp cloth.


  1. Check your water heater’s thermostat. Your dishwasher will have a recommended water temperature setting. Make sure your hot water heater is set accordingly.

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