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Granite is still a luscious choice for kitchen countertops. Here are three tips for selecting the perfect granite slab.

how to select granite countertop1. Consider the Contrast & Carry a Cabinet Door

Granite is unmatched in its beauty, but there is one thing that can diminish it in a kitchen installation – when it blends in with the cabinets. To ensure that the full beauty of your granite counters are displayed, make sure a moderate-to-sharp contrast exists between your granite and cabinets.

To do this, we suggest removing a small door from your existing cabinets (or a sample if you are buying new cabinets) to take with you as you view slabs. By comparing your cabinets to the granites you’re drawn to, you will decrease the likelihood of selecting a granite that will “wash out” against your cabinets while dramatically increasing the wow factor.

2. Consider the Lighting & Cautiously Choose Black Granites

Like a black grand piano, black granite counters are visually stunning. The sharp contrast with the cabinets and walls plus the vivid gloss and reflection make it a great choice for those who want to impress.

But black granite buyers beware. If your kitchen is small or has minimal lighting (natural or otherwise), selecting black granite may disappoint you. Large, open kitchens with sliding glass doors, big bay windows and skylights are ideal. Lots of recessed pot lights are also a plus when installing black granites

3. Consider the “Feel” of Your Slab

While most people are concerned with how their granite will “look” in their kitchen, too few review the “feel” of the polished surface. Generally, the more consistent and homogeneous the granite, the smoother the polished surface will be. 

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